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January 30, 2022

Every year during our annual chesed fair we’re inspired by how our community joins together with such excitement to give back and help others. While we can't gather together in person for Daniella’s 6th Yarzheit this year, we still have an opportunity to honor her by giving back to our community. We are excited to continue the momentum from last year by launching our third Virtual Chesed Fair!

Just like how Daniella always found the positive in things, we too have realized the beauty of hosting a Virtual Chesed Fair: we can include even more chesed opportunities! This year we are excited to partner with 12+ organizations to offer our community different ways to get involved. During these trying times, where an unprecedented amount of people are in dire need of help, it is important we remember #WWDD (What Would Daniella Do), and look for ways to give back. Click on the below button to view the organizations we have partnered with for this year’s Chesed Fair!

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